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Ways to Look After Your Feet

Most foot health problems are a direct result of squeezing into bad fitting shoes, so make sure your shoes fit properly. Trainers and cushioned soles are especially good for feet and joints.

Wash and dry feet daily and check for cracks or infection, especially if you have diabetes or reduced foot sensation.

Moisturise to prevent dry skin and cracked heels: seal moisturiser in by wearing socks in bed ó but donít put moisturiser between your toes.

Cut toenails straight across; trimming into the corners encourages them to in-grow.

Take the pressure off your feet by maintaining a healthy weight, and by alternating heels with flats and trainers.

Donít grow old not being able to hop, skip and a jump as you should due to problem feet. Remember your feet are an essential part of your overall well-being.

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