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Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners earned an instant celeb status with the release of Jennifer Lopez's movie The Wedding Planner, but do you really need them for your wedding?

Hiring the services of a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator can help you to plan the perfect wedding. While many girls still want to plan their own big day, most brides of today are working girls and hiring a wedding planner can make life a lot easier for them.

A wedding planner has done this a gazillion times and has probably developed a routine and established good working relationships with vendors. These relationships could help you to get what you want and make sure it is exactly what you want.

A wedding planner will also help you to budget for your wedding more effectively by identifying your financial availability and matching it to your needs. They are also the people who take care of all the little things that go wrong on your big day, like seating your guests and ensuring everything runs smoothly while you're becoming Mrs. Right.

Hiring a wedding planner is completely up to you. Have a look at your time availability and if you are really not able to get things done yourself, go out and find a reputable wedding planner to help you along the way.

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