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Wedding Planning Guide: One Month Before
the Big Day

Work on table seating
By now you should have the final guest numbers. Sit together with your fiancÚ and decide on your table-seating plan. Remember to put people who know each other together or who you think would get along. For example, you can seat guests by their age. Get a final list done and send it off to the printer together with place setting cards.

Choose your wedding bands
Visit a jeweler and decide on your wedding bands with your fiancÚ. Order them now and ensure you have them at least two weeks before the big day.

Confirm music
Meet up with the DJ or music providers one last time and discuss the final music arrangements. For example, you need to determine your first song, which song you want to walk in to, bride and father of the bride song as well as groom and mother of the groom song.

If you are planning on changing your name to your groom's surname, start preparing all the necessary documents.

Buy a guest book
Find a guest book that matches the theme of your wedding or have one made. This will serve as a lovely souvenir after your big day.

Publish wedding announcement
Contact your local newspapers and publish a wedding announcement in their classifieds section.

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