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Wedding Planning Guide: Two Months Before
the Big Day

Plan the rehearsal dinner
By now you should have decided and finalized your bridal party and should be making arrangements to meet with everyone in your bridal party for a rehearsal dinner before the final event. This will help you to inform every one of their duties and ensure your day runs smoothly.

Start choosing gifts
Start choosing wedding favor gifts for your attendants as well as gifts for your bridal party and parents. Think about a special gift for your groom that you can give him on the day as a token of your love and commitment.

Gown fitting
Have your final gown fitting two months before your wedding and ensure that your groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen have the final fitting for their outfits.

Decide on accessories
Now that your dress is just about done, you can start selecting the jewelry and accessories you want to wear. Discuss these with your dressmaker and choose styles that will compliment your gown. Start looking for bridal shoes and wear them around the house to 'wear them in' before the big day.

Print programs
Start working on programs for your wedding ceremony as well as menus for your reception and get these to the printers

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