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Wedding Planning Guide: A Few Weeks Before
and on the Day

Two weeks before your big day:

  • Schedule your hair appointment for the day of the wedding.
  • Schedule your makeup appointment for the day of the wedding.
  • Make arrangements for your bridal party's hair and makeup.
  • Do a final check on your bridal party's clothing and ensure that everyone has everything they need.
  • Notify your caterer about any last minute RSVP's and menu changes/adjustments.
  • Assign jobs to family and friends (for example, if you would like them to pick up anything or do anything on or before the day).
  • Work on the toasts for the final rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding reception.
  • Find someone to look after your home/feed your pets and water your plants while you are away on honeymoon and also for the day of the wedding.

One week before your big day:

  • Pick up your wedding dress or have it delivered. Try it on again and make sure that there is no loose fabric or thread and that none of the bead work has come off.
  • Confirm your honeymoon arrangements with the travel agency.
  • Decide on clothes for your honeymoon and start packing your suitcase towards the end of the week.
  • Wrap the groom and attendants fit.
  • Organize and finalize the details of your bridesmaids' luncheon.

One day before your big day:

  • Go over the final details of the reception as well as the ceremony with your bridal party at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Ensure you have given your ushers a guest list.
  • Eat and relax.
  • Prepare all final payments in envelopes and arrange for someone to distribute these.
  • Have a manicure and pedicure done.
  • Pack for your honeymoon night and don't forget to pack a toothbrush!
  • Confirm the final travel arrangements for the bridal party and ensure you give transporters the exact time. Ensure they fill up the bridal vehicles with petrol.

On your big day:

  • Eat
  • Relax
  • Enjoy

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