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Weight Loss Motivation: Visualize Success

ďI'll believe it when I see itĒ is how the old clichť goes, and it certainly is true that without seeing something with your own two eyes it's pretty hard to convince yourself that it's the truth. This theory does not only apply to the present moment, but can also be applied to help you positively determine your future.

Many successful people, including those who have been successful in business, love, wealth and especially those who have had success with dieting and weight loss all know and understand the power of
Visualize Success

Seeing your goals and being able to visualise your goals is a huge part of your success.

seeing things before they happen. Now, of course itís hard to see something that isnít there, but what these people are able to do is visualize it in their mind. After successfully being able to visualize their goals and combine them with positive thoughts and faith that they will reach these goals, their dreams start to manifest themselves in real life and become a reality.

In order to be able to do this you donít have to have the most vivid imagination, but you do need to convince yourself that what you see in your mind will happen. Hereís a small five-step plan to help you on the way to successful visualization:

  • Have a goal in mind:
    It is very difficult to determine where you are going to be in life, if you donít have a goal. If your goal is to lose 10 kilograms or enter a fitness competition, then you need to write down in black and white exactly what your goals are. Give each goal a realistic timeframe and strive towards achieving that goal.

  • Find a passion for your goals:
    Without passion there is nothing to inspire you, leaving you with little motivation. If you are not passionate about losing weight or not passionate about looking good, you won't be able to drag yourself out of bed to get to the gym and do other things you may not initially enjoy in order to reach your goals.

  • Head in the right direction:
    Whatever your goal, you need to start steering yourself in the right direction. Let's say your goal is to own your own company. Your direction would be to enroll in a business school or take a business course to brush up on your knowledge. Similarly, if you want to lose a few kilograms your direction would be going to a gym, hiring a personal trainer and/or following a healthy diet.

  • Be committed and determined:
    Commitment and determination will help you reach almost any goal you set. If you are truly 100 percent committed to your decision, it will be very difficult for you to not follow through. Find your inspiration, stick motivating notes up all over your workspace, in your car and on your fridge to remind you again why you are doing this.

  • Follow through:
    This is the hardest part. At first when youíre not winning your boxing match it's very easy to take off the gloves and surrender. Donít forget that there are twelve rounds in a boxing match, and even if youíve lost the first five, you still have seven rounds to win on points or even aim for a knockout in the sixth round. Be a fighter.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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