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Weight Loss Success Requires a Life Change

Regardless of the billions of dollars spent on diets and exercise programs Americans today seem to be growing fatter by the minute, you might want to think twice about even trying to lose those unwanted pounds unless you are willing to make the life changing commitments that go along with keeping the extra weight from coming back.

Motivation is a key ingredient to a successful weight loss program. Staying motivated is something that gives you the desire to succeed when you battle those distractions that come up in your everyday life. Without it, making long-term life changes can be a never ending battle. Knowing that you need to make changes in your life and dealing with the challenges as they come up are two different things. You need to be willing to make changes. Being successful at losing weight depends on your determination to deal with situations and taking action in a positive way when these situations come up in order to be successful.

Itís hard to make life changes when youíre in a really stressful situation such as a divorce or stressed out from work, so if youíre thinking about starting a new diet or exercise program, you might want to wait until your life settles down a bit. Donít let life get in the way of committing to a weight-loss program; making a commitment to commit is half the battle of losing weight, making the necessary life changes is the rest.

In order to make healthy life changes you need to be aware of what changes you need to make, pinpointing the behaviors that have kept you from achieving your goals.

Changing your eating and exercise habits are a must in order to lose weight. It may sound easy, but thatís not always the case. Old habits are not always easy to break; you need to replace bad habits with good habits. There are times that you need to be consciously aware so youíll know what to do when those hunger pangs hit you, grabbing for fruits or vegetables, instead of donuts or cookies. Learn what triggers your binge eating; try replacing eating with a healthy physical activity.

Donít be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends. Having support from the right people can help you get over the humps. Stay away from people that try and sabotage your diet. Itís hard enough to stick to a diet without someone trying to shove a Twinkie down your throat. Surround yourself with positive people that care about you and want to help you reach your goals.

If youíre ready to take the plunge and make a ďLife ChangeĒ, but are afraid that this is just another road to failure, try taking baby steps. Think about a thinner, healthier you. Itís not always easy, but youíve got to start somewhere, losing the weight and then maintaining it can be a lifelong procedure. You need to remember that you are the only one that can take that first initial step to make the life changes that are necessary in order to live a healthier life; itís all up to you.

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