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Weight Loss Tip: Eat Off Smaller Plates

Ever heard the popular saying that refers to your eyes being bigger than your stomach? Well, this is often true and although youíre sometimes full halfway through the meal, something tells you you must continue eating and clean your plate. I'm not sure what it is that makes us do this, but I have a strong feeling, somewhere in the back of our mind, we see a vivid picture of granny telling us that if we donít eat, we just won't grow. And, which kid doesnít want to grow big and strong?

If youíre like most people who are brainwashed into cleaning their plate, why not eat off smaller plates? Having a portion-sized meal on a large plate makes it look empty, small and it somehow loses its appeal. However, when you take the same portion and put it on a smaller side plate, it instantly looks bigger and more satisfying.

Eating off smaller plates allows you to control your portions and not overeat. If youíre one of those people who loves to have seconds or thirds, then eating off smaller plates can even benefit you as you will be eating smaller portions of those seconds and/or thirds.

Next time youíre at the dinner table, try it and see for yourself how well it actually works.

Small portion on plate

Appearance is everything and by eating off smaller plates you
can convince your mind that you are eating a fulfilling meal.

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