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Weight Loss and Body Wraps

Weight LossBody wraps are elasticated bandages soaked in a variety of solutions such as amino acids, herbal extracts and collagen solutions, and have become increasingly popular with women looking for a quick fix fat loss approach. When wrapped around e.g. the thighs and legs, they are supposed to offer a range of benefits, including weight loss and fat reduction.

The results produced after this kind of treatment, however, is really nothing more than temporary water loss. Although the scale will tell you you're lighter, it's not the fat that's coming off. "The body wraps, which amount to a high humidity exercise workout, have nothing at all to do with any longstanding loss of weight or fat cells," says plastic surgeon Jorge de la Torre of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

So, if you're looking at shedding fat, the only way to get successful results is by following a well-designed exercise program and diet plan. There are no quick fixes that offer the kind of results produced by real blood, sweat and tears.

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