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The Six Winter Wardrobe Essentials

If you don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on winter clothing, you need to spend your fashion dollars wisely. There are a few basic winter wardrobe essentials that are so versatile and timeless that you'll never be at a loss for something to wear if you have them in your closet. These are items that it pays to spend a bit more for because you'll keep them for many winters to come because they'll never go out of style. When you're at a loss on what to wear, you can count on these items to make an elegant and timeless statement. Here are six winter wardrobe essentials:

A black dress

You knew this would be on the list, didn't you? The little black dress is famous for its versatility. For winter, choose a style in a light wool or synthetic fabric without a lot of detailing. This will allow you to use the power of accessories to give it a variety of unique looks. The ways you can accessorize a black dress are endless. Try pairing it with a classy blazer, an unusual scarf, a pair of black leggings, ribbed stockings, an eye-catching belt, a stunning necklace, or a fashionable pair of boots. It can go from day to evening just by changing accessories. This one is a must have winter wardrobe essential.

A white blouse

The white blouse works with everything. It will coordinate with all of your pants and skirts and can showcase a variety of necklaces, scarves, and pins. You can wear it tucked in or hanging down in a casual fashion. It can be layered over and under sweaters and under jackets, adding a fresh dimension to your wardrobe. Don't just buy one. Buy many.

A perfectly fitted pair of jeans

Jeans are a must have during the cold weather months. During the roughest of weather, jeans will keep you warm and comfortable. They can be worn with a variety of boots and provide the perfect companion for all of your warm, winter sweaters and jackets. Jeans are worn more and more places these days, so make sure you have a pair that fits like they were made for you and feel good against your skin.

A black suit

Whether you choose a single breasted or a double breasted, the black suit will take you almost anywhere. For winter, a high quality wool suit that's tailored to fit perfectly to your shape is ideal. If you can find a black suit with both pants and a skirt, you'll have the ultimate in versatility.

A tailored coat in a dark color

A tailored, wool coat in a dark shade will add a touch of class to any winter outfit. This is one item you'll want to pay more for to get the highest quality. When you're out braving the harsh winter elements, your coat is the one item most people see. Choose it wisely and you'll always make an elegant impression.

A great pair of boots

Boots are the ultimate winter fashion accessory plus they serve the utilitarian purpose of keeping your feet warm and dry. If you can only afford one pair, choose a great pair of black boots that end just below the knee with a medium heel. You can wear these with anything from jeans to your basic, little, black dress.

Of course you may want to add a few other items to your list of winter essentials, but these wardrobe basics can form the backbone of a successful winter wardrobe. Combine them with the clothing you already have and add some beautiful accessories and you'll be set to face any kind of winter weather with style.

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