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Winter Workout Tips

Keep Warm This Winterů

Winter is upon us, and believe it or not, now's the perfect time to get back into the swing of things at the gym. Waking up at 4am in the blistering cold, to train before work, may not be everyone's idea of the perfect workout. But it's the cold weather that makes going to gym in winter so much more appealing to some.

Who in their right mind would give up an extra hour's sleep, covered with warm, fluffy duvets in return for blood, sweat and tears at the gym? The answer is simple — serious fitness fanatics.

Winter gymming can be so much better, especially at this time, when preparing for upcoming competitions. There's hardly any waiting around for machines to become available and you can workout with complete freedom, using any piece of equipment for as long as you want, without getting the eye from inpatient members. Not to mention having the complete set of dumbbells ready for you when you need them.

Winter training is also the time when the risk of hypothermia is at its greatest. Because of the amount of body heat that will be lost during exercise, you must always ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature during your workouts. Keeping yourself warm during workouts is absolutely imperative; therefore your choice of clothing should go beyond designer labels and focus more on the amount of insulation it can provide.

When choosing clothing for winter workouts, avoid closely woven fabrics and heavy tracksuits, as they cannot provide a layer of air near the skin. This layer is needed to help maintain a suitable temperature. When your clothing traps air, it cannot conduct heat away from the body; therefore your clothes can help maintain a suitable temperature. Wearing your clothes in layers is also a good option, which will allow you to change the amount of insulation needed as you workout.

Tips for winter workouts

  • Dress warm enough before stepping out into the cold:- Don't assume because you have muscles of steel that you can step out into the cold with nothing but a training vest and pair of shorts. Bring out those warm tops and longs, and if need be, change when you get to gym, not before.
  • Use your head:- Always make sure you keep your head, hands and feet warm at all times. Wear gloves, warm socks and beanies before leaving the house.
  • Peel it off:- Remember to dress in layers for ease of temperature adjustments. When choosing layers opt for clothing that can provide a trapped layer of air near the skin.
  • Stay tuned:- Always check the weather report the night before to ensure you are 100% prepared before you go out.
  • Wrapping it up:- Heavy workouts can result in excessive sweating. Make sure that you are 100% dry before walking out into the cold after you're done. If necessary, wrap a dry towel around your head (and ears) to keep your head warm.

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Dimi Deliyiannis is the founder and editor of GetFIT.co.za, a free online magazine with information on training, diet and nutrition. She regularly writes articles for top South African magazines, including: Fitness, Muscle Evolution and Women's Value. Visit her website on www.getfit.co.za.

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