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Step-up Your Work Attire With Shoes

Just about every woman has a fetish for shoes. From heels to flats, platforms to strappy sandals or stilettos to boots, the type of shoes you choose to wear often becomes a direct reflection on your personality.

It’s no wonder then that women turn to shoes and boots, rather than accessories when considering their style for the workplace. A Mintel study found that more than 65% of women surveyed relied on their footwear to complete their work attire.

“Shoes and boots have come into the fashion forefront as women look for ways to make their outfits stand out,” says Kay Fay, senior analyst at Mintel. “Shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and even first lady Michelle Obama’s bold footwear choices reinforce the shoe as a statement piece. Today’s woman changes from stiletto heels to ballet flats to knee-high boots, often in the course of one day!”

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