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Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment

Where do you start with preventing wrinkles from forming, and reversing existing lines? Every woman, from as early as the age of 20, should start to use wrinkle treatments, and have a comprehensive anti-aging skin care routine. The earlier you start, the better. Many skin care experts now say that preventive maintenance is the best way to have smooth, wrinkle free skin well into your forties.

The first place to start is to stay out of the sun. I don't care how pretty you think a nice tan looks, tanning damages and ages your skin faster than anything, and it also has been leading to cancer more and more since the ozone is wearing away from pollution.

There are some GREAT self tanners out there now that look even better than a real tan, because they don't give you tan lines, and you can make yourself as light or as dark as you want. You control your color. How much better does it get?

Secondly, incorporate healthy doses of natural antioxidant foods like dark leafy green veggies and brightly colored fruits for maximum free radical elimination. Free radicals are the number one cause of collagen breakdown, which is a direct cause of wrinkles. By the way, the sun also causes free radical production.

Thirdly, choose a very aggressive wrinkle free skin care system into your overall skin care routine for maximum age defense and prevention. Like I said, the earlier you start the better. A good anti-aging skin care system would consist of several key ingredients found in nature that are currently the most potent and effective in skin firming, smoothing and repairing. These ingredients will dramatically increase elasticity, lift sagging skin, brighten dullness, and stimulate the production and regeneration of healthy skin cells to replace old, dull cells that build up and hydrate parched skin all day.

What are some of these wrinkle defeating ingredients you ask?

Well, some of the most effective and well-documented and studied skin support ingredients are as follows:

1.) Idebenone: A natural compound which has the same antioxidant effects as Co-Enzyme Q10, but is actually more effective than Co-Enzyme Q10 in effectively seeking out and destroying damaging free radicals.

2.) DMAE: One of the most powerful anti-aging elements currently known. This natural compound has been demonstrated in clinical studies to be an extremely powerful wrinkle and fine line reducer, and is especially effective in firming sagging skin. It is derived from the skin of salmon fish. DMAE is not only an excellent topical skin support element, but is also very effective when taken orally. You should always have this in you medicine cabinet to apply topically as well, even if you take it in an oral dose.

3.) Vitamin E: Vitamin E is also an effective skin mender and antioxidant when taken orally and when applied topically. It is especially effective in protecting skin cells from damage.

4.) Hyaluronic Acid: This natural acid is found in the human body and works as a natural lubricant in the connective tissues. Large amounts of Hyaluronic Acid have been found in healthy, unaffected skin; hence the launch of studies to investigate its skin benefits and anti-aging properties. This acid has been one of the biggest discoveries in skin care and anti-aging technology today, and produces an almost immediately noticeable effect on damaged or aging skin.

Those are just four of the best natural wrinkle treatment elements that you should include in your anti aging routine. There are others, but the list is too long to discuss here. Trust me, if you incorporate just these 4 ingredients into your skin care regimen, or find products that contain the full spectrum, you will be well on your way to a lifetime of beautiful, young skin.

About The Author:
Visit Danna Schneider’s webpage Wrinkle Free Skin Care for more information on a complete wrinkle free skin care system containing all of the natural ingredients mentioned in this article.


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