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Yogurt Drinks

Drinking yogurts are pretty close to being a meal in a carton — they are high in energy and protein and have moderate amounts of fat so are ideal for a quick, convenient, filling and tasty snack for those who are trying to maintain their energy levels and general health.

A sandwich and a fruit would be a more satisfying, less fattening option for someone trying to lose weight.


Yogurt Nutrition Facts
Yogurt is a nutritious dairy product that is easier to digest than milk. It is a common breakfast choice and can be eaten alone, or with cereal, muesli, fruit or honey to give it some great, added flavor. Read more…

The Healthful Benefits of Yogurt
The health benefits of yogurt have been cited for centuries, but many people still don’t realize just how valuable yogurt can be to living a healthy lifestyle. Yogurt can actually benefit your health in a variety of ways. Read more…

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