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Younger Looking Skin

A Lovelier Complexion for a
Younger Looking You!

Part 1

Young Skin

The older a person gets, the more their age shows. There is a natural aging process we can’t do anything about. However, there are things we can do to keep ourselves looking our very best; to look as young as we can, for as long as we can.

By religiously following a good health and body-care regimen, we help pave the way to a longer, happier, healthier midlife. With the added bonus of a lovelier complexion for a younger looking you. But even if you haven’t always followed a good skin care regimen, it isn’t too late to start.

Well-known author and skin-care expert, Constance Schrader, agrees. Through her seminars and Younger Skin in 20 Days program, she has helped thousands of women and men improve the quality and texture of their skin.

As a person ages their skin becomes increasingly delicate, dry, sensitive, and more easily irritated. Texture begins to lose its velvety feel, and dark spots often begin to appear. As the pores shrink and oil glands become smaller, cells clog the tiny pores and blackheads and white heads become more of a problem.

A drop in female hormones further contributes to the change in skin texture. The skin loses its smooth and glossy appearance. The outer layer of skin, the epidermis, becomes thicker, while the inner layers of the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue become thinner. Collapse of the skin becomes more and more noticeable as the skin’s connective tissue becomes weak and loses elasticity. Hereditary factors also come into play.

Older skin has unique needs and requires a special skin-care regimen specifically formulated for older persons. Although the skin’s natural aging process is inevitable, it can be slowed down when simple precautions are taken.

The key is to address the problem when it first becomes noticeable. By incorporating a skin care program specifically for older skin, altering the plan to offset new age-relevant problems that develop, your skin can look years younger.

The two basic principles in Schrader’s younger skin program are ridding the skin’s surface of old cells, and stimulating a vigorous blood supply in the skin, encouraging new skin cells to grow more rapidly.

Both goals are accomplished through “skin sanding,” followed by gentle but firm pats and taps called “stimuslaps,” used to flex facial muscles and fill the skin with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood.

When we are young, old skin cells naturally slough off the surface and new cell growth is stimulated daily. But as we get older the process slows to about once every two days.

To rid the skin of old cells use one or any combination of the following methods: abrasive grains (such as crushed apricot pits), abrasive sponges (such as a Buf-Puf), dried plants (such as loofahs or hemp), natural brushes (made of goat or other animal hair), and clay or peel-off masks.

Using any one of these methods to help rid the skin surface of dead cells is beneficial only when not overused, and when properly performed without such harsh abrasion that the skin becomes damaged. Be especially careful around eye area.

Be cautioned that older skin is thin and especially tender. Over-scrubbing can result in broken capillaries. Some skin types may be extra sensitive or allergic to some of these exfoliating methods. Over-zealous rubbing can also stimulate overactive oil glands and trigger an acne breakout.

These methods can be beneficial in the removal of old skin cells, and the stimulation of new cell growth, when properly administered. That is because they slightly irritate the skin. When skin is irritated, new cell production is increased. Any one of these methods can increase new cell growth by as much as 30-percent.

Schrader recommends exfoliating around the eye area carefully once weekly, the upper lip and throat twice a week, and all other areas of the face once every day. Rinse face well; pat dry, do not rub. Adjust the schedule to match your unique skin needs, weather, and day’s activities.

Follow this routine by stimulating the skin with the use of pressure, stroking, and massage using stimuslaps. This will help improve circulation. The basic rules are to never apply it to cool or dry skin. Before patting or slapping, apply cream or oil to prevent pulling or dragging of the skin. The best oil for use on the body is vegetable oil.

Do not use stimuslaps if you suffer from acne, an infection of the skin, or if you have a tendency to broken capillaries.

Using a firm, sure touch with clean, softened hands, use a series of pats, taps, and gentle kneads. Avoid harsh treatment of the skin, which could otherwise become damaged. Use special care on and around the facial area.

Skin glows and looks younger because old skin cells are opaque and do not reflect light. They pack together and look dull. New skin cells are translucent, and feel smooth.

Also eat a healthy diet, and exercise. Skin is part of our complex body structure. Our tissues, organs, and body systems must all work together to keep us feeling and looking healthy. The following play a vital role in the appearance and quality of our skin.

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