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Ditch the Workout and Join the Party

If you haven’t heard of the popular “fitness dance class” Zumba, then you really are missing out on all the fun. Not to mention learning a few fabulous dance moves and shedding extra kilos to boot.

Zumba is a fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms ? a high-energy workout class with a mix of fast and slow Latin inspired rhythms that do wonders for your aerobic activity and fat burning capabilities.

Ironically, the concept of Zumba was born through pure coincidence and luck when, in the mid-90’s, celebrity fitness trainer “Beto” Perez had forgotten his usual aerobic music tapes. He improvised the class routine using the salsa rhythms and merengue tracks he had with him and soon his class was the most popular at the fitness facility.

In 1999 Beto introduced Zumba to the United States and from there, over the years, the rest of the world got a taste of this feisty belly moving, hip bopping, confidence boosting workout routine that’s offered by hundreds of qualified instructors worldwide.

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