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Just What Exactly Are Clip-on
Hair Extensions?

You've heard so much about hair extensions and they are becoming huge Red Carpet trends, but clip-on hair extensions?

Well much like "permanent" hair extensions, clip on hair extensions also help you to create the illusion of fuller or longer hair. The clip-on hair extensions are great because they do not need to be attached to your natural hair, which can often result in weak, damaged hair.

The other great thing about the clip-on extensions is you can take them off whenever you feel like it and play with many different styles, without damaging your natural hair. Clip-on hair extensions can be made out of synthetic or real human hair.

These pieces come in a variety of styles and colors that blend in easily with your own hair. The application of these pieces is done by clipping the piece into the back of your hair, underneath your own hair. The top piece of your own hair then falls over them, giving you the illusion of fuller hair.

When buying and using these pieces, look for quality pieces such as the HairDo™ range that has been developed by celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves and Hollywood actress Jessica Simpson.

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