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How to Accessorize with Handbags

A woman without her handbag would be like a dinner with no desert. Okay, only "us women" can relate to this statement, but really, how many women out there can live without their bag? It does after all carry everything, including the kitchen sink!

For some women a bag is just something simple to hold the bare necessities. For others it's a huge fashion statement — and it should be. Although plain, simple bags are great for everyday, they are in one word, boring and who wants to look boring all the time?

A gorgeous bag in a delicious color can really put the finishing touches on your outfit. A bright bag can even give "personality" to a simple, black, structured outfit.

Tips to help you be a bag lady, not an old bag

* Always choose a quality handbag. While it doesn't have to be "the best of the best", investing in a good quality bag means it will last you longer and see you through a couple of seasons.

* Your body shape and height should always be considered when buying a bag. Yes, even if it is just too cute. If you are small and petite don't choose an oversized bag that will make you look as though you're taking out the trash. Likewise, if you're fuller figured, don't opt for a teeny purse, as it will look lost and out of place on your larger frame.

* The rule that your shoes, bag and belt must all match was thrown out the window ages ago and thankfully so! While you don't have to look all eighties and match up your accessories, try to blend as much as possible and always ensure that they compliment each other. There should be an even flow or a single "pop" in your accessories, not a whole lot of accessories screaming for attention.

* Clutch purses are cute and stylish and can be worn as formal purse, or to snazz up casual day look. If you're going for an evening event, sparkly clutches with shiny embellishments work well. An oversized clutch compliments a simple business suit, while a stylish, trendy clutch is perfect for a night with the girls.

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