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The Heart Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Maintaining a healthy heart starts with making the right choices in your diet, which according to Melda Dolan M.D., a cardiologist at Saint Louis University, “is easier than you think, but might require a life-style change”.

Dolan offers these ten tips to help you improve your heart health today. Start by giving your kitchen a heart-healthy makeover.

  1. Shop on the outer perimeter of your grocery store; here you will find the fresh food and produce.
  2. Avoid processed foods at all costs! This means throwing out all frozen meals and canned goods.
  3. Use herbs to add flavor to your meals and toss out the salt.
  4. Replace butter with olive and vegetable oil instead.
  5. Quit frying and rather bake, broil and grill your food.
  6. Stock up on fish and chicken.
  7. Limit red meat consumption as well as pork.
  8. Enjoy fresh fruit for desert rather than cake or ice cream.
  9. Limit alcohol to one drink per day, whether it’s beer, red wine or white wine.
  10. Practice portion control and ensure your servings aren’t too big.

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