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Hollywood Hair Icons

These days, Hollywood celebrities are the trendsetters that we all love to follow. We are so obsessed with knowing what happens in their personal life off the screen, but even more so, we are obsessed with what they are wearing and how they are styling, cutting and coloring their hair. Women often walk into a hairdresser with a magazine clipping of their favorite celebrity and ask their stylist to snip and chop their locks in the same way.

Some celebrities' hairstyles are so popular, so lusted and so legendary that they even have their own name:

"The Jackie"

Although Jackie O will always be known for her oversized sunglasses, Chanel suits and elegant style, her hairstyle in the sixties was one to lust after. Back in the days of beehives and hairspray, this first lady and A-list socialite had millions of women copying her bouffant hairstyle. Jackie Kennedy Onassis often wore pill box hats on top of her hair, but one thing remained constant; a full head of dark hair, flicked out with a side sweeping bang, that became known as "The Jackie".

"The Farrah"

In 1977, this Charlie's Angels' actress was quoted as saying "there is more to me than just hair". That may be so, but Farrah Fawcet's fabulous, feathered mane of golden locks had inspired millions of women around the world to style their hair in the same way. "The Farrah" has even managed to stay trendy and look just as angelic, decades later. Hollywood heiress and socialite, Paris Hilton has embraced "The Farrah" and looks like she could be a Charlie's Angel too.

"The Rachel"

In the 90's the sitcom Friends, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston became known to the world as super stars. The sitcom also made Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle a legendary, Hollywood icon. Named after her character, Rachel Green "The Rachel" was a short, choppy and almost squared off hairstyle that Rachel wore in season one of the popular sitcom.

Millions of girls around the world wanted to have "The Rachel" then, and Jennifer Aniston remains one of the most popular hairstyles of choice, no matter how she styles it.

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