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Mane Attraction — Sexiest Hairstyle Revealed

A woman’s hair is often thought of as her secret weapon in getting a man’s attention. But which hairstyle do men find most attractive? In a poll where 3,000 men were surveyed, 47 percent rated naturally looking, wavy hair at the top of their list.

Long, sleek hair, like that of Jennifer Aniston was voted in second, with 13 percent, while the classic bob like that of Kim Marsh raked in 10 percent of the votes.

Long hair is traditionally strongly linked to femininity, which we’re sure is the reason that almost half of men have singled out long, thick, wavy hair as their number one sexiest style," said Karen Moore of TRESemmé Philips hair appliances.

In addition to favoring specific styles, men also notice more than the overall effect of a woman’s hair. Most prefer hair that looks naturally effortless, rather than hair that is over-styled. In addition, 72 percent of the men preferred shiny hair and 79 percent of guys admitted to love running their fingers through ladies’ locks.

The poll also discovered that 80 percent of men say you can tell a lot about a girl from her hairstyle, so it’s important for girls to make the most of their mane.

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