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Sweat Towels: The Importance of
Using a Sweat Towel

When working out at home or in a public gym, hygiene should be your top priority. Germs and bacteria love to lurk around gyms. This is especially evident with public gyms, where so many people pass in and out of those doors — the spread of germs and bacteria is almost inevitable.

But before you cancel your gym membership, there is a way to keep yourself protected and it's as simple as using a sweat towel. Use your sweat towel to wipe the sweat off your face and body as apposed to your hands. Your hands are exposed to loads of bacteria from contact with the gym equipment. If your hands do manage to pick up bacteria, you could transfer the infection to your face through your fingers and end up with nasties such as pimples or other fungal infections.

If you can, try to carry a second smaller towel to use for wiping your face and use your standard gym towel to put over the equipment when using it.

You'll also notice that many gyms have spray bottles and paper towels that you can use to wipe the equipment before you use it. Don't be shy — wipe down and then lay your gym towel over the bench or mat for added protection. If you're naturally sweaty, please don't leave your sweat lying on the bench or mat — rather wipe it down and be courteous to other members.

Another very important factor is to remember to wash your gym towels each and every day as towels soaked in sweat attract unwanted bacteria.

Using a sweat towel is good gym etiquette but it also helps protect
you from nasty germs that lurk in gyms and on gym equipment.

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