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Beware! Too Much Straightening
Causes Hair Loss

Straight, silky smooth hair is all the rage and girls are going crazy over ceramic hair straightening irons. But before you iron away your mane, heed world-renowned UK trichologist and “hair doctor” to the stars Philip Kingsley warnings against the dangers of excessive straightening.

Kingsley’s clinics are seeing more and more hair hideously damaged due to the trend towards straight and sleek.

Straightening or hot irons change the protein structure by reducing the elasticity or stretchability of the hair. The heat also reduces the moisture in the hair cells. Although this is usually a result of all types of heat styling, a combination of changing the hair’s chemical structure and moisture content can damage the hair shaft even more.

“It is important to condition the hair when using either permanent or temporary straightening methods,” says Kingsley. He adds that chemical or permanent straightening is preferable to temporary straightening using straightening irons, since frequent temporary straightening can eventually lead to a form of hair loss due to traction or pulling.

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