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Vintage Clothes Shopping

Shopping for vintage clothes can be lots of fun. Wondering around in vintage stores is like taking a trip back in time to a completely different era, and the clothes allow you to take that magnificent journey.

But before you go wild, swiping credit cards and emptying out your bank balance, check out these expert tips we have on buying vintage clothes.

TIP: Because vintage clothes are in essence old, you need to make sure the piece you're buying is still wearable. Some garments age better than others, and it is all about how they were looked after yesterday, that will ultimately determine how they look today.

TIP: Be sure to check the garment out completely, by thoroughly inspecting it before you buy. We know it may be too gorgeous to pass up, but spending a little time beforehand, inspecting your garment will leave you with a happier purchase at the end of the day.

TIP: Always inspect the garment in good light. Some vintage stores may have the "classic, old" ambiance with dimmed, orange lights, so try to put the garment as close to natural light as possible when inspecting.

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