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Vintage Clothes: What You Need to Know

What to look for when buying vintage clothes:

* Old clothes may have been kept in storage, and as a result they may have been exposed to moth damage. Closely inspect your garment to ensure that moths did no get to it first.

* If the garment has some type of embellishment decor, inspect it thoroughly to ensure that all the beads, sequences and other details are still in place. You may need to do a few touch ups, but always know the extent and decide if you will be able to fix it or have it fixed before you buy.

* Fading is very common in clothes as they age, so make sure the garment, especially if it has patterns, has retained its color throughout enough for you to still want to wear it. Inspect both sides closely and ensure there is an even flow of color and that it is not too patchy.

* Look for any stains on the garment beforehand. Although it may be possible to remove certain stains, it's better not to take a chance and be stuck with an item you will never wear. Decide how bad the stain is and determine if you will still wear it or not. You can also check the extent of the stain by turning the garment inside out and seeing how deep into the fibers it may have gone.

* Look for any tears, holes or extensive wear patterns on the garment. Some holes may be simple to fix with a needle and thread, but you need to watch out for wear patterns that may have thinned out fabric in certain areas. The wear and tear hot spots on a garment are usually on the cuff, elbows and knees, so be sure to check those out. The last thing you want is your garment ripping while you're wearing it.

* Always, always, always try the garment on. Even if you are a perfect "34", remember that the garment may be a different cut, and may possibly even be stretched over time. Trying the garment on will help you determine if it is a perfect fit or not.

* Lastly, enjoy the item. See how you can update it with more modern twists and have fun exploring clothes with character.

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