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How to Walk in High Heels

High heels look stunning on just about everyone. They make a woman’s legs appear leaner and longer and also give great definition to the calves. While some women have mastered the art of walking in high heels like seasoned professionals, some might still find the experience a little difficult.

Wearing heels can set off your balance, not to mention putting tremendous amounts of strain on your leg muscles. Ensure you have followed these guidelines before attempting to wear high heels, until you feel more confident to walk a few inches taller.

High Heels

Practice makes perfect

Practicing to walk in high heels will give you an opportunity to get more comfortable in your heels of choice. Practice walking backwards and forwards across a room, and ensure you are keeping your posture in line.

Always aim to keep your legs straight and relatively close together, ensuring that your feet are pointing straight in front of you. Be careful not to let your foot cave in toward the inner or outer portion of your sole.

If you are uncomfortable in very high heels, go for a slightly shorter and thicker heel. Think of this as working your way up the heel ladder. Start with shorter heels until you have progressed to wearing long, slender stilettos.

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